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Tailor-Made – personalise your books

Already in the store you may personalise your Bookbinders Design products by using an in-house embossing machine.  Bookbinders Design offers Tailor-Made - a personalising service

Most of our cloth covered books, binders, photo albums and boxes can be made unique by Tailor-Made. You can choose from different coloured foils or blind embossing. Add your name, a date or a personal message. It might be to create a truly personal photo album or memory box to your best friends soon to get married or to design a stylish binder for your degree project or final presentation. 

Why not customize an expandable edition of profile products for your company? The Tailor-Made service is used by several businesses to strengthen their marketing communication. You order the amount you need for the moment, with the option to add more later on for a very reasonable price. See a number of examples under Cooperation.

If you wish to emboss your logotype, a cliché will be ordered and kept in the store. Whenever you need it you contact your local store and make an additional order. 

Please contact your nearest store or send a mail to info@bookbindersdesign.se

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