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Autumn colours 2022

Our colour choices affect us. They can make us feel creative, calm, safe, make us full of ideas, make us remember and associate. We are noticing that more people dare to bring more colour into their homes, that many are realising that colour is something stimulating and that it awakens thoughts and feelings. We also see more brave colour combinations in interior trends.

White, beige, and grey – neutrals appeal to many and can bring harmony into a home. However, at Bookbinders Design we believe in combining neutrals with bright colours. Our autumn colour palette consists of Rose red, Clover green, Sand brown, Bohus granite and Smoke blue. 


A natural and nostalgic palette

With our autumn colours we can paint a landscape: a dark blue ocean on a stormy night, grains of sand on a beach together with granite cliffs, flowers painted in rose red and green plants and grass that hasn’t surrendered to the cold just yet. At the same time, this palette is full of nostalgia and makes us associate it with a time that has a lot of things in common with our own, the 70s. A time when the interior was playful, the personal style was emphasised, and expressions were mixed in an uncomplicated way.

In today’s stressful society it is common to turn to nature to unwind, and many want to decorate their home inspired by that environment. Nature is full of colours and to get that same energy you will have to use all the nuances, both the calm and vivid ones. A home with neutral colours still needs colours that stand out and make it interesting to the eye. Colour blocking means that you use two strong colours together. That’s a phenomenon that we are beginning to see a lot more of. By using the complementary colours in our palette, green and red, the interior becomes more interesting.

Decorating with autumn colours

When colours and styles are combined something new is created. It allows us to step away from rules and makes decorating more enjoyable. Our products are suitable in every room, bedroom or living room. The surface of the classic bookbinding cloth provides consistency.

All our colours are developed to be combined so you can decorate your home, not only for the moment, but for life.

Tray, Smoke Blue
320 x 320 mm
Pen Pot, Clover green
80 x 105 x 80 mm
Magazine File, Sand Brown
255 X 310 X 80 mm
Filing Box, Sand Brown
330 x 247 x 90 MM

Trivet, Clover Green
Diameter 235 mm, depth 10 mm
Letter Tray, Sand Brown
250 x 320 x 62 mm
Collector Box Medium, Smoke Blue
A5 High

Box, Rose Red
Folder, Rose Red
Paper Bin, Clover Green
191 x 190 x 250 mm

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