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Bookbinders Design is proud to present our exclusive collection Särö Blå, the pattern by artist Joy Zandén. In this limited collection, dressed in high quality bookbindery cloth, the hand painted Zandén design universe meets the elegant simplicity in Bookbinders Design and carries it into the home, workspace and everyday life. Read more!

Folded card, Saro Blue
145 x 145 mm, 10-pack


Joy Zandén (1922-2017) was born in Helsinki and raised in Paris, straight into the European art world. Her father was a composer, her mother a sculptor, and their friends included the legendary Georges Braque, Ferdinand Léger, Isaac Grunewald, Sigrid Hjerthén, Nils Dardel and Eric Gate.

Joy studied art, fashion and advertising, and worked as a decorator at opera houses and theatres. She designed patterns in the spirit of the new age.
When Joy Zandén tried selling her textile patterns in 1950’s New York, buyers were enthusiastic, but no one dared to go for the young talented Swedish artist. In the 1960s, after repeated attempts to promote her designs, Joy started working for the Modern Museum in Stockholm.

”My confidence took a hit, when I got home I put the pattern rolls in a drawer in the basement and more or less forgot them. For over sixty years they lay there, until my stubborn daughter Jessica found them," Joy Zandén told.

"Since I saw my mother's textile pattern for the first time as a little girl, I thought that those beautiful and unusual pictures must come out so everyone can see them. It was hand-painted, time-typical original patterns from the 50's that breathed naivety, strong imagination, paired with superb technic”, says daughter Jessica Zandén.

The daughter Jessica Zandén found the old brown rolls in the basement and decided to give the mother's artistry restoration. In 2016, Joy Zandén became something as unique as a 94-year-old debutant, with her first wallpaper collection for Sandbergs. Now in September 2020, the "Särö Blue" collection for Bookbinders Design will be released.

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