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About Bookbinders Design

Bookbinders Design is a Swedish company that designs and produces cloth covered notebooks, photo albums, binders, calendars and boxes of high quality craftsmanship. We have 12 concept stores and 28 shop-in-shops around the world and our products are available in a wide range of materials, sizes and colors. With our service TailorMade, we personalise our products online and in store with names, text and logos all according to your wishes.

Welcome to Bookbinders Design! Making life memorable.

Our history
It is said that the first book-bound book appeared sometime in the 400s ad. Occasionally, someone had chosen to join their handwritten pages and enclose them with a book band. A new craft had been born and as far as a thousand years later, until the 15th century, all books were manufactured by hand.
Our heritage of the quality crafts certainly does not extend to the Middle Ages, but we manage a fine tradition that started in 1927 with Martin Åhnberg in Osby. Already as a 16-year-old he found his passion for the bookbinding art and devoted his life to it. What started with notebooks, became binders, boxes and folders. Over time, he moved the bookbinding business to Stockholm, where advertising agencies, designers, restaurateurs, law firms, architects and interior designers saw the possibilities of products that give that extra quality feeling.

We keep your memories safe, in a sustainable way
Since 2002, we pass on the heritige with Bookbinders Design. With Swedish feel and craftsmanship so that you can collect, store and bring out your memories. With design, materials and colors we make the sustainable look stylish. Quality is never put on exception. The smallest detail is aesthetic and well thought through, from the thickness of cardboard, cloth and leather, to the choice of Swedish quality paper. Everything is exactly as before done with accuracy and consideration. What you want to save should be sustainable. For a long time.

Our customers personalise our products
Today we have stores in selected places such as NK and Drottninggatan 82 in Stockholm, Trondheim, Paris, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Melbourne, Lucerne and Zurich. Both in store and online, we have taken the craft one step further so that you can get or give away a truly personal product. At your whish you can personalise our products with your name, a quote, a vital question, a place or a logotype. Our albums, boxes, folders and books are especially popular when celebrating a wedding or a celebration day. An event, a presentation or for packaging an innovation. Today, we provide companies and individuals with sustainable quality products.

Remember to write
Writing is an opportunity to catch the moment and the day. Big and small thoughts written in your own handwriting provide an extra dimension that justifies your or your family's unique history and memories. At Bookbinders Design, we are proud that with our products we can be a part of our customers' most memorable moments.

Memories worth saving
Some things simply should not disappear. The digital can become inaccessible when a password disappears, a file format is replaced, or a hard drive goes in reverse. Whatever you use it for, diary, dream book, guest book, idea book, log book, training or travel journal, the book is there. Ready to open, over and over again. You fill it and share it or keep it entirely for your own thoughts. The best content deserves a beautiful cover. Choose a color that enhances your home, gives inspiration, warmth and arouses creativity. Bookbinders Design gives you solid craftsmanship with quality and modern design. Its contents we leave with warm hand to you.

A Swedish company in the world
Our head office is located at Kommendörsgatan 34 in Stockholm. CEO is Johan Kleberg. Bookbinders Design's products are mainly produced in Sweden and Europe. Thanks to a network of franchise companies, you find Bookbinders Design in 10 concept stores.

Swedish quality and design made in Europe
Our paper is of the best, certified Swedish quality. It comes from Klippan, where in the 1830s you started selling and producing paper from our Swedish forests. Fabrics, leather and glue are of the highest quality standard. Production takes place in Sweden and Europe. Embossing is done on site in the stores and can also be ordered online.

A quarter of a million collected thoughts
Since 2002, we have sold nearly 250,000 hand-bound books. Books filled with personal stories, thoughts and ideas. As gifts that have been given to famous and unknown, at gala events and weddings. As gifts at baptisms, courtships and initiations and condolences. As gifts when history has been written.

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