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Make it personal

We offer personalisation of your product, a handcraft carried out with skill and accuracy by our experienced embossers. Using traditional printing techniques, we emboss names, text and initials according to your wishes. A perfect way to add an exclusive and personal touch to your new notebook or binder, or make that gift a little extra special. We personalise cloth-covered products such as notebooks, boxes and photo albums, as well as leather cases and accessories.


Notebook Leather Cover, Cognac
A6+, with Notebook Soft Cover
Jewel Box, Smoke Blue
200 x 200 x 120 mm
Leather keyring, Dark Green
90 x 20 mm
Notebook Hardcover, Sand Brown
170 x 200 mm

Easy to order

Initials, name, or your favourite quote? We personalize your Bookbinders products in our workshop in Stockholm. A handcraft made with love by our experienced embossers.

✔ Order in our easy-to-use on-line tool.

✔ All products that can be embossed are marked with “EMBOSS”.

✔ On the article page, simply click on the green "EMBOSSING" button to enter your text and preferences.


Frequently asked regarding embossings

What kind of text should I choose?
Most people choose to emboss their name or their initials, but you can also choose some inspiring words or a short quote that you like. You can also choose text after what you plan to store inside the product, such as “Receipts” or “Ideas and inspiration”.

How many words fit on one row?
It depends on the size of the product you’re planning to buy. Bigger products have more room for more letters. You can try out our online tool to see for yourself how the text will look on the product, the tool refuses more letters if your text is too long. We do the typesetting by hand, which means that there are a limited number of metal dice (letters). If you’ve chosen a text that contains many of the same letter, there’s a risk that we run out of them. In that case the online tool will protest as well.

Where is the embossing placed?
It depends on the product, but on most products, we place the text either in the bottom right corner or in the middle.

Is it possible to emboss a logotype?
Absolutely! We help companies to emboss their logotypes on our own products. Contact if you have more questions about this.

Is there any difference in price if I choose a foil embossing?
No, the price is the same whether you choose gold, silver, white, black, or no colour.

Does embossing affect the delivery time?
Usually not but if you order during a campaign period we might need some more time to emboss all orders.

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