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For this special collection we have used a pattern designed by Gocken Jobs, one of Sweden's most celebrated textile artists. With a love of nature and a keen eye for colour and form, she created a large number of patterns during her lifetime that are now considered classics of Swedish textile art. A timeless limited-edition collection where lively, organic floral designs meet clean lines and sober, classic colours.

Cotton paper card, Tuvor, Smoke Blue
145 X 145 MM, 10-PACK
Cotton paper card, Tuvor, Dusty Green
145 X 145 MM, 10-PACK
Cotton paper card, Tuvor, Pine Green
145 X 145 MM, 10-PACK
Notebook Soft Cover, Tuvor, Pine Green
170 X 200 MM

Box with lid, Tuvor, Smoke Blue
120 X 120 X 60 MM
Notebook Hardcover, Tuvor, Smoke Blue
170 X 200 MM

Gocken Jobs

Gocken Jobs (1914 - 1995) is one of Sweden's most celebrated ceramic and textile artists. She was born in Dalarna, Sweden as the youngest child among seven siblings and grew up in an artistic family. Her father was a music teacher and a composer and her mother painted and made flower embroidery. Out of the seven children, five came to engage in artistic ventures.

Gocken Jobs trained as a ceramicist at the Högre konstindustriella (advanced industrial art) school in Stockholm, as did her older sister Lisbet Jobs. After gaining her qualification as a ceramic artist in 1935, the sisters started working side by side in Lisbet Jobs' ceramic workshop. Their creations with gorgeous floral decorations were displayed during the 1930s at exhibitions in Sweden and abroad and were praised by contemporary art critics for their design.

Due to the limited availability of glazing during World War II, the Jobs sisters eventually transferred their patterns from ceramics to fabric. Their major breakthrough as textile designers came in 1945 with a large exhibition for the prestigious department store NK in Stockholm. It was entitled "När skönheten kom till byn" ("When beauty came to the village"). One of the prints that were displayed for the first time was "Tuvor", designed by Gocken Jobs. The pattern was printed in white againts a coloured background, a colour combination reminiscent of white glazing on pottery. The textile print greeted the visitors in the form of a green canopy that formed the entrance to the exhibition.

Today Gocken Jobs is best known for her floral textile designs with meadows and flowerbeds. During her lifetime, she created a large number of patterns that with their timeless beauty are considered classics of the Swedish textile design treasury.

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