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How to organise your home

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Sara Therén and Anna Hydén have always had a strong interest in organising. Their first assignment was an appreciated 40th birthday gift for a friend. Since then they have continued doing what they love for a living – helping people to declutter, create structure and finding different storage solutions. Follow their advice for a more organised home.

How and where do you start organising?

We think you should start with the space that bothers you the most – maybe the pile of paper on the kitchen counter or dining table? If it is a large area, try dividing it into smaller ones. When finished with the first task you’ll get more energy and self confidence to keep going. Start decluttering the spaces that you see everyday and that affects your everyday life, don’t prioritise the attic even if it’s the most chaotic place.

If you want to try something else to begin with, you can remove all things that don’t belong in the kitchen and put it in the right place. After that, you can continue with the rest of the rooms until everything is in order. You can also start cleaning out clothes and then continue with other categories in your home. Try it out and see what fits you the best!

What common mistakes should you avoid?

A lot of people begin with way too big projects. You take out everything from the closet, eventually get tired of it and then push it back in, leaving it much worse than before. We often find bags in the back of the closet with things that were left from old cleanups. It’s important to complete what you’ve started and to throw away the things that were cleaned out. Also remember to not begin at several places at once. Some start out in the kitchen, find an old photo they go to put in a box in another room, and end up organising the box instead.

Another mistake people tend to make is that they don't declutter properly when organising. Creating storage for things you don’t use will never turn out good and you won’t get that feeling of a calm home. Always give away or throw things you don’t use before organising, and do it properly.

What products make it easier to organise?

There are lots of them! We love boxes, either for scraps of paper or the small things you tend to gather at home. Better to keep them in a nice box instead of having them on display. The magazine file is perfect for the papers that you need to take care of soon, like mail or bills. Papers that should be saved are better kept in a binder. A basket or a bigger box is more practical for bigger things such as toys and gloves. Generally it’s easier to keep being organised if you have a lot of hidden storage.

We use labels as often as we can, then you don’t have to wonder where you have put things. Labels make it easier for the whole family to help out when it’s time to put things away.

What’s your best advice for getting a more harmonious home?

Only displaying the things you love! Useful things that you don’t like are better kept in boxes or cabinets – hidden storage is fantastic. Clean out all the things you don’t need or like and make sure that the things you keep have their own place. Creating structure makes your home feel calmer and you will have time for more exciting things than cleaning.

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